Live TV Remix Installation

Overscan is a video artwork that perpetually watches, deconstructs, and transforms a live television broadcast. Installed above the bar at Firebrand Saints in Kendall Square, Cambridge, the artwork is composed of five television screens. The leftmost screen displays live television - whatever channel the bar chooses - and the four screens on the right cycle through a series of transformations of the broadcast.

Custom software looks for patterns in the video, such as faces, and maintains a memory of what it has seen. The text of the closed caption feed is extracted and analyzed with language processing software. Certain words, such as emotional language and selected topics, are highlighted and recorded.

The piece was commissioned by Gary Strack, the chef and owner of Firebrand Saints. The entire application was programmed in OpenFrameworks.

Idea Generation
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Software Development
Data Visualization
Linguistic Analysis
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